Friday, April 9, 2010

March Milestones

I know I have been behind on my posts but Mommy and I have been very busy.   In addition to day to day life, where I find myself very busy playing, talking, and eating, the end of March and the beginning of April were full of fun.  I am now rolling over frequently but it is still mostly on accident.  I am better at rolling from my back to my front and then usually whine until Mommy comes to help me roll back over.  My feet are still my favorite toys but I am enjoying all my toys more and more. 

I have started grabbing everything that gets close and pulling it into my mouth.  Watch out Mommy and Daddy, don't let me get too close to anything on the counter because it will either go in my mouth or off onto the floor.  I am talking a lot and giggling more and more.  The dogs make me laugh the most.  I love when they lick me and come close to let me pet them. 

I had my first bath in the big bathtub.  I had to have Daddy help me because I don't sit up by myself yet, but I had a lot of fun and am looking forward to getting into the pool this summer.

Mommy also got my high chair out.  I sat in it for the first time during dinner two weeks ago and played while Mommy and Daddy ate dinner.  Little did I know but this would be the practice I needed.

I continue to get bigger and bigger everyday.  Mommy keeps telling me to slow down because she isn't ready to be chasing me around.  I don't understand why not!  

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