Thursday, April 29, 2010

Exercising with Mom

For the past 5 weeks Mom and I have been going at least 3 times a week to an exercise group called Stroller Strides.  Mom has been reluctant to share with everybody cause she wanted to be able to share results with people but I finally convinced her that this is such a big part of our lives right now, she just needs to share.  Even if she hasn't lost much weight!  On Monday, Wednesday and Fridays we head to a local park, and sometimes on Tuesdays and and Thursdays we go to a park in Surprise (30 minutes away), to join other kids and moms.   When we get there Mom loads me up in the jogging stroller, puts sunscreen on me, hands me several toys and sometimes a bottle, and we join in the fun.  From my stroller I watch as Mom sweats and breaths hard as she runs around the park and stops to do all kinds of activities with the other moms.  There are squats, lunges, stepping up street curbs, pulling on these bands that they tie around the fences, running, jumping, and more!  It is pretty funny.  They even sing songs to us sometimes.  Although I do tend to fall asleep towards the end of every class.   After class everyone gathers around and visits while all the kids (that can) run around and play.  I can't wait until I get to join in someday.   And Mom tells me she can't wait until she stops getting sore after every class.

 The Moms gathered after a hard workout

Here I am sleeping while Mom works hard.

Mom took this picture when she took off my hat after a hot day.  I got sweaty that day too.


  1. Great blog post! We haven't met, but I am a part of your Stroller Strides group. I go to the Crossriver location on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday but was in your class last Wednesday. We started around the same time and I feel your 'pain' literally.

    I know that you and I will both be blogging about our wonderful results in the very near future! keep up the great work! You are one strong, amazing and beautiful mamma!
    (and your Lilah is breathtaking)


  2. awesome 'kid's-eye-view' of a Stroller Strides class! I teach classes up in Flagstaff- so if you are ever up north, you can keep up the awesome work! You may not notice the scale changing that much at 1st, but you'll definitely notice changes to your body & mood! The numbers will change eventually.. :) way to go!