Tuesday, April 13, 2010

To Grandma's house we go...

March 30th started off as a rough day for me.  Mommy and Daddy, at the recommendation of my pediatrician, had been in the process of switching formulas on me.  I had been getting grumpy while eating, spitting up a lot, and getting the hiccups every other day all day long.  So the doctor thought that I might having some reflux issues.  Mommy started me on soy formula which seemed to clear up all my sore tummy symptoms but it brought about a new symptom, constipation.  I had been progressively more backed up and on the morning we were set to fly to Visalia I was in pain.  Mommy was a wreck because she was trying to pack and get ready to go and I was crying and grumpy all morning.  She spent about 3 hours total with me in my room just trying to help me feel better.  Nothing seemed to be working but it was time to go.  

Daddy took us to the airport.  He walked us in until we got to security.  Mommy had packed light and all she had was my diaper bag, the stroller and the car seat.  Luckily it wasn't busy and the security people helped Mommy get everything up to be scanned.  We had to pause at the other side so that the nice TSA lady could check the bottles Mommy brought for me.  After we made it through security we had almost two hours to wait for our plane.  We sat and looked out the window most of the time.  Mommy was trying to show me these things called planes but I was more fascinated with the little men on the ground running around.  Mommy was also on the phone a lot with the pediatricians office to see what she should do to make me feel better.  The nurse told her that if the reflux symptoms were better then she should try to treat the constipation.  She recommended putting Karo syrup in my bottle as a natural softener and maybe start me on solids like prunes, peas, or pears.  But before we knew it they were letting us board.  It was a treat for Mommy to be able to be the first on the plane.  They took the stroller at the bottom of the jetway and we took our seats with me in my carseat.

Little did I know but Mommy had been purposefully keeping me occupied so that I would be hungry when we got on the plane. She told me it would help my ears to suck on a bottle while we were taking off.  I ate my whole bottle and fell asleep before we even pulled out of the gate.  I don't remember the lift off or the first 15 min of the plane ride but when I woke up I was confused.  Mommy kept me busy for awhile with some of my toys but the plane was loud and it wasn't long before I wanted out of my carseat.  Mommy let me stand on her and look out at the other people on the plane.   There was a young girl sitting behind us who sang songs almost the entire plane trip.  I stared at her for a long time.  When we had about 30 min left I started to get fussy.  Luckily the plane was so loud that nobody could really hear me as I started to cry.  Mommy put me back in my seat and gave me a little more to eat and I feel asleep again.  When I woke up the loud noises were gone and the people around up were getting off the plane.   My first plane trip was over!  And Mommy seemed pleased that it had gone as well as it had. 

When we got off the plane Mommy decided to change my diaper before we got in the car.  Right when she took off my diaper I decided it was time to get all that stuff out of my tummy.  Mommy bicycled my legs and encouraged me to push and I cried but eventually I felt relief.  Poor Grandma Miaja was waiting on the other side of security for us and was getting worried.  I was still a little grumpy as Grandma Miaja took me out of my carseat to give me a hug.  We went to find our bag and side note - Fresno airport personnel don't mess around, in the 20 min it took us to get out to the bag pickup area, they had pulled our bag into the back because we hadn't picked it up yet.  Once we got our bag we were on our way to Visalia. 

We got into Visalia about 8PM.  Everybody was excited to see me and I got to meet my little cousin Peyton.  I also got to see Grandma Jeri, Papa Delbert, Auntie Michelle, Auntie Danielle, cousin Rylee, and Papa Kelly.  But it was passed my bedtime so I was a little cranky with everybody.  Grandma Miaja helped me take a bath while Aunties Michelle and Danielle set up a bed for me.  Nothing makes me calm down like my baths.  Thanks to Peyton who let me borrow her bathtub for the week!

Here is my cousin Peyton.

The next couple of days were very relaxing.  We hung out at Grandma Miaja's house with cousin Rylee and cousin Peyton.  Here is me hanging around - literally.

The big event of the week came on Wednesday.  As soon as Grandma Miaja heard I was ready to start eating she she went a got me some yummy prunes.  I had my first solid foods!  Papa Kelly feed me my first bites.  I love eating solids!  So far I have had prunes, pears, and peas.  Yummy!
My First Bites!

Here are some pictures from the first couple of days.  Stay tuned for the continued adventures from Visalia...
 Here is Rylee reading to me

Here I am "playing" with Papa Kelly in one of my grumpy moments of the week

My bubble bath (Mommy is used to hard water and added a little more soap than needed)

Here I am sucking on Peyton's toes - they were a lot closer than mine at the time.  Boy that sure made everybody laugh!
Here is a picture that Rylee posed and took of me.  She had fun being a photographer. And yes, those are my toes in my mouth.

Finally here is a picture of me and Peyton.  One of the only times we were both awake and happy.  You can see I just finished eating!

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