Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Growing like a weed

Today I had my two month checkup with Dr. Irwin.  It was a quick appointment because he told me I was perfect!  I love hearing that and so does Mommy and Daddy.  I not really a morning person and I was a little grumpy.  I cried when they took my clothes off.  I cried a little more when they took my measurements.  I cried really loud when Dr. Irwin was listening to my heart and checking my ears.  And just when Mommy had finally calmed me down again they stuck me twice with these things they call shots.  That was not pleasant and I screamed.  But now I am home, snuggled up with Mommy, and very sleepy.  Time for another nap.  Yawn....

Here are my statistics:
Height: 22.75 in  (65th percentile
Weight: 10 lbs 5oz (38th percentile)
Head Circumference: 39 cm (54th percentile)
I gained three pounds and grew almost 2 inches in 6 weeks! 

Friday, December 25, 2009

My First Christmas

Today was my first Christmas.  I slept in on daddy this morning...then I ate.   Then I watched Mommy and Daddy open their presents...then I ate.   Then I opened my presents...I hope you enjoy the video of me with all the great presents...then I ate.   Then we went for a walk with the dogs....then I ate.    Then we went to visit my friends Savannah and Zane....then I ate twice.     Now it's bed time.   What a great Christmas it's been.   

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


It has been a few weeks since I have posted and I thought I needed to update with everybody on my exciting couple of weeks.  The week after Thanksgiving Mommy and I stayed in and played.  I think that she was a little tired after having me back all by herself.  Luckily we are getting a good routine down now and she is more and more comfortable getting me out of the house.  Just today we took an outing to the post office to mail all the packages Mommy has been working on until the wee hours of the morning while I am not sleeping.  She seemed a little frazzled, but we made it.  After a practice run at home, Mommy figured out that the best way to handle everything was to put me into my carrier on her chest while all the boxes went into the stroller.  I would like to thank the couple of gentlemen who helped Mommy move the stroller and get the packages on to the counter.  She needed all the help she could get!

Last week was a little unusual.  Daddy had to go to California for work so my Auntie Meg came to stay with Mommy and me.  I sure did miss Daddy a lot.  He is the one that calms me down at night to go to sleep and I had a hard time sleeping without him.  The first night was especially hard because Mommy wasn't quite ready for me to be crying all night and she got a little frustrated with me.  But by the second and third night she did much better.  She was just glad to have Daddy home again at the end of the week so that he could take the night shift and take care of me all night while Mommy caught up on sleep.  I don't think that 9 hours in three days was quite enough for her.  While Auntie Meg was here we took my first trip to the mall.  We had a successful trip and got a nice top for Meg to wear to her Christmas party.  Mommy also got a me a cute outfit and a new sweater.  She is such a sucker for clothes for me.  But after only an hour and a half I decided it was time to go.  Mommy tried to postpone by first changing my diaper, and then feeding me in the middle of the store, but I took it one step farther and made my diaper full again (and I mean full) of really stinky stuff!  That got Mommy and Auntie home pretty quickly!   

Here are a few pictures of me and Auntie Meg...

Over the past couple of weeks I have been getting bigger and bigger.  Daddy told me that I looked a lot chubbier when he got home.  I am working on turning my head and pushing myself up while I am on my belly.  I have also started to really focus on Mommy and Daddy's faces and giving them big gummy smiles!  They sure do like it when I do that.

My future's so bright...

I have started taking regular walks with Mommy, Daddy and the dogs.  I really enjoy being in the fresh air.  So much so that it usually puts me to sleep within a couple of minutes :-)  This time of year it is perfect to go for walks right in the middle of the day.  But the sun can be very bright so Mommy thought it would be a good idea to buy me some sunglasses.  So here they are, my first pair of sunglasses.  Now I really feel like an Arizona girl.  I think I look pretty cute.  What do you think?

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My First Thanksgiving

Last week was full of family and fun.  Daddy explained to me that the week was all about being thankful for things.  So I decided to list the things that I have been thankful for this past month: 
  • Cuddling in bed with Daddy, it's my favorite place to sleep.
  • My big warm pink blanket that keeps me warm at night.
  • My swing that rocks me to sleep after a large meal.
  • Warm baths that calm me down and get me ready for bed.
  • Mommy's milk (which tasted like turkey for several days in a row).
  • All the family that held me last week.  I hardly ever had to be laid down.
On Thursday Mom and Dad bundled me up and we took a drive to Mesa.  That was the longest car ride I have been on so far.  Luckily I don't really remember it because I slept the whole way.  When we got there I got to spend lots of time with Marilyn and Kiana who loved to hold me while Mommy and Daddy visited with Uncle Bunie and Neal.  We had a great time there and were very happy we were able to spend time with Mommy's family. 

Then on Friday I knew something was happening because Mommy made Daddy clean the house.  I took a nap on Daddy's chest while he vacuumed.  Then Daddy's whole family arrived for the weekend.  I had already met Grandma Miaja, Grandma Jeri and Papa Delbert.  But now I got to meet Papa Kelly, Aunt Michelle, Aunt Danielle, Uncle Kane, and Cousin Rylee.  They swept in and held me and kissed me and loved me all weekend.  I got a little spoiled and had a hard time sleeping in my bed at night.  I liked being held so much.   The family all sat down for a big Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday.  Then on Sunday they got me all dressed up in a Christmas dress and had me take lots of pictures with Cousin Rylee.  We looked beautiful.  Afterwards the whole family worked on getting the Christmas lights up on the house.  It was a beautiful sunny day.