Friday, April 16, 2010

Easter Weekend

Easter weekend started off on Friday.  Not only did Grandma Miaja, Grandma Jeri and Danielle have the day off but Mommy informed me that Daddy was on his way driving from Arizona.  After a nice relaxing morning and a few good naps Mommy and I wandered over to visit Grandma Jeri.  While we played with her there was activity going on over at Danielle's house.  We went outside and found that they had started to move.  Aunt Danielle, Uncle Kane and Cousin Rylee were packing up to move to their new house.  They would no longer be living on the same street with everybody else.  We stood and watched them for awhile.  Mommy used me as an excuse not to help although I love to grab at things and think I would have been a good help.  After awhile I got tired and hungry again so Mommy and I went back up for a nap.  About an hour later we wandered down again and the big truck they had rented was almost full.  This time Aunt Michelle and Peyton were helping supervise while everybody else helped get everything out of the house.  They were all very busy.  That's when Daddy and the dogs showed up.  Boy was I happy to see him, but I was just as happy to see the dogs.  They make me giggle!   Daddy sure did look tired though after his long drive.  When they finished loading the truck and several other cars, everybody started heading out to the new house.  Mommy and Daddy put me in my carseat and headed over too.   Daddy put me in the carrier and started to help unload.  He let me help hold the things he was carrying.  See I told you I could be helpful.  But it wasn't long before he ran out of energy and sat down against a wall.  Pretty soon he was lying down and we were both having a little nap while everybody else was bringing in boxes all around us.   Soon we were headed back over to Grandma Miaja's so Daddy could get some real rest.  That night Mommy made dinner for everybody and I heard that after I went to bed Mommy and Daddy left me in the care of Grandma Miaja and went to visit Aunt Danielle and Uncle Kane as they settled into their new house.  Luckily for Grandma, I didn't wake up.

Saturday morning everybody got up and had breakfast.  Mommy, Grandma Miaja and Michelle headed out to do some shopping and Daddy took me and the dogs over to see cousin Rylee and take her to the park.  Papa Delbert came with us and we had a good time on the swings.   That afternoon Mommy got me dressed up in a cute little pink and white outfit that was much too lightweight for the weather and we headed over to a local park for some family pictures.  There were lots of people there and a lady taking everybody's pictures - over and over and over again.  But I thought it was pretty fun and smiled and talked a lot the whole time.  After we headed over to Grandma Jeri's and Papa Delberts for a big BBQ.  Here are some pictures from the evening. 
Here is Mommy feeding me on the way home from the park

Grandma Miaja and me - more prunes, yummy!

Papa Kelly and me - he let me play with my spoon and I knew just where it needed to go.

 Daddy, Rylee, and Michelle coloring Easter eggs

Rylee thought it would be easy to stick her toes in her mouth so here she is practicing with me.  

Grandma Jeri joined in the fun.

Here is Mommy and me.   I think she is pretty funny.

Sunday came as a dark gray day.  It was Easter morning.  Mommy got me dressed in a pretty green and pink dress and we headed out to church.  Grandma Jeri and Papa Delbert were very happy to have us there with them.  I wasn't too sure what to think.  It was very loud with lots of music when we first got there.  The room was dark but there were colorful lights and lots and lots of people.  I just stayed in my carseat looking around trying to figure out what was happening.  I started to get restless about an hour in and Daddy took me out into the entry way to walk around.  The next thing I knew were we headed back to Grandma Miaja's because Mommy had heard that we were going to have visitors.  When we got back, Gram and Gramps Farschon and Auntie Meg and Danny were waiting for us.  I had fallen asleep on the drive so it was about an hour before I finally said hello.  I had had a busy morning already and I wasn't too sure about everything so I was a little grumpy from time to time.  But I could tell that everybody was excited to see me.  Gramps never left me alone.  Grandma Miaja ran to the store after church and was busy cooking the whole time we were playing.   Here are some pictures from my first Easter with all my family!

Gramps and I playing airplane

Danny and Rylee playing with the goodies the Easter Bunny left her.

After Gram, Gramps, Megan and Danny left we relaxed for a little while.  Then Mommy and Daddy handed me off to Grandma Miaja.  They went to visit with Aunt Danielle and Uncle Kane for the evening while Grandma gave me my bath and put me to bed.  It was fun spending time with her and it was nice for Mommy and Daddy to have a fun evening out.   

Monday came and we were on the road home.   The drive was long but I slept most of the way again.  It was raining most of the way while we were in California and there were lots of accidents on the roads in Los Angeles.  It took us 10 hours to get home.  But I made sure to help out where I could.

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