Tuesday, November 17, 2009

2 Week Check-up

Yesterday was my two week check-up at the pediatricians office.  My doctor said that I was perfect and a very calm baby.  I had to get my heel poked so that they could collect some blood for routine tests and that made me cry a little.  I weigh 7lbs 9 oz (25th percentile), am 21 inches long (75th percentile) and am in the 55th percentile for head circumference. 

Sunday, November 15, 2009


I love my Mommy!


Daddy and I went for a long walk today with the dogs.  It was a cold day for Arizona, only 69 degrees, so I was bundled up tight.  

I have started to notice that there is so much going on in the world.  My eyes have started focusing and I love to look around.  My  Daddy is good at showing me things.  I am going to be a Daddy's girl. Nobody keeps me awake and calm like he does.

Grandma Yaya

Grandma Yaya came to help Mommy and Daddy for a few days.....we had a great time together and lots of important conversation.


All Natural

Now that I lost my umbilical cord, I no longer have to wear disposable diapers.

Don't I look great in cloth!  I don't know why Mommy and Daddy laugh at me every time they put these on me.   Do you think they make my butt look big?

My First Bath

My umbilical cord finally fell out on November 10th so Mommy and Daddy decided it was time that I took a bath. I have decided that I love the water. This will also work in my favor later in life, because I hear the summers in Phoenix will mean lots of time in the pool.

Gram and Gramps

Gram and Gramps Farschon came to visit us as soon as we got home.    They were so happy to meet their first grand-baby.
Thankfully they were here, because Mommy and Daddy were behind on sleep.   It seems like every time I woke up I had a sleeping parent holding me...

My First World Series

I'm going to be a big sports fan when I grow up.....This is me and daddy watching my first World Series Game.  The Yankee's were playing the Philies (Boo Yankee's). 

My Arrival

It was Friday October 30th and Daddy had been telling Mommy all week that I was going to be born on Friday night.   At about 11PM, Dad had completely given up and gone to bed.   Lucky for me....Mommy went into labor 30 minutes later.

The last picture of me in the tummy
(right before we headed to the hospital)

We got to the hospital around 3 AM.  Mommy and Daddy spent almost 4 hours in triage because it was a busy night for babies at the hospital.  They finally got us in the delivery room and after no time at all I decided it was time to come out.  My mommy stayed strong during the night and I was born at 8:17 on Halloween Morning.   I was 7lb 8oz, and 20.5in tall....

Here are of my first pictures..

 I had them wrapped around my finger right from the beginning.

My Daddy's family was the first to visit us.  They were so excited that they left home in the middle of the night to come see me.  It was wonderful to meet them.

 Mommy and I were both healthy so they let us go home on Sunday afternoon.....Yeah home!