Friday, April 9, 2010

CB's visit

The last weekend of March, Mommy had a friend come to visit and I got to meet my Aunt CB.   This was the first non-relative who traveled from out of state to meet me.  CB and I spent a lot of time together hanging out.  She kept telling me I was adorable and that I look just like the Gerber baby.  I liked the compliments!

On Saturday we took a walk around the neighborhood with the dogs and then CB helped Daddy in the yard removing a small block wall and raking and moving some gravel in the back yard.

I napped through most of that.  After, we all hung out in the back yard while CB laid in the sun.  She loves the sun!  And then she got in the pool.   It is too cold for me still but she braved it and jumped in two days in a row.  On Sunday we went for a hike to the top of Thunderbird Mountain to look out over Phoenix.  After I helped her workout!

On Monday after a morning at the park working out, we headed out for shoe shopping for Mommy, lunch, and frozen yogurt for CB's birthday.  Then we took her to the airport.   Mommy was sad to see her go, but she had a lot to do because on Tuesday we were to leave for Visalia.  Stay tuned for that story....

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