Monday, March 15, 2010

I rule, Dogs drool.

The current score is me - 1, dogs - 0.  This weekend, after he spent an hour sweeping up a pile of dog hair the size of a toy poodle, Daddy moved my play yard fence to corral the dogs out of the living area of the house.  The dogs can now get into the laundry room, where they have a doggy door to the outside, and into the Mommy and Daddy's bedroom where they sleep at night.  No longer can Conner check for scraps of food after they have cooked dinner and no longer will Mommy get up and let Calvin in the backdoor when he wants in.  My toys have moved into the family room and I get to have a lot more play time on the floor.  I imagine it is just one of the many changes that the dogs are in for as I get bigger.

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