Wednesday, April 21, 2010

It can only get better from here...

or so they say.  The past several weekends Daddy has been hard at work outside on the backyard.  He says that all the destruction and demo is now complete and it is time to start putting it all back together, but it looks like he has a lot of work of ahead of him to me.  Mommy and I pretty much stay inside and then wander out every hour or so to supervise and check on progress.  The first weekend he took out the playhouse from the back corner.  The second weekend he took the fig tree down to a stump.  The third weekend he had some help from CB moving the rock that covered everything that isn't grass or pool.  The forth weekend he spent almost all weekend digging up sprinkler lines and trying to figure out where they all go.  That seemed to be the most frustrating for him.  He kept asking Mommy and me to come out to look at lines that didn't go anywhere, disappeared under the pool's deck or weren't capped.  Then last weekend he had the most fun.  He rented a bobcat and moved dirt.  There were strange hills that took up a big part of the yard and he leveled them out so that I will have more grass area to play on when I get bigger.   It is hard for me to understand how he is going to get it all fixed but I am confident he will.  Here is a progression of the destruction.   I will post pictures again when it is all finished.

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