Tuesday, May 11, 2010

6 Month Check-up

Today was my 6 month doctor's visit.  In addition to three shots and one yucky medicine they fed me, I got my measurements taken and a thorough check-up.  Dr. Irwin, once again, told me I am in great health and doing great.  I didn't like the shots very much but as soon as Mommy sat me back up I was done crying and smiled at everybody as we left the office.  I got permission to start having soft table foods and continue trying new things to eat.  Overall I am growing steadily but am still a small girl.  My measurements were:

Weight:  14lbs 11oz (19th %)  (I finally doubled my birth weight)
Height: 26in (53rd %)   (same as before which surprised Mommy!)
Head Circumference: 42in (32nd %)

I have been sitting up all by myself since April 20th.  I like to sit and play with my toys.  I can lean forward and get myself back up but can't get to sitting once I fall over.  When I am on my tummy I can get up on my knees and lift my body but so far I just rock back and forth until my arms get tired.  I am good at talking and laughing but Mommy and Daddy still aren't very good at understanding what I am saying.

I thought I would just share some recent pictures with everybody.

Here I am sitting up and playing in my pack n' play

All dressed up for Mom's Day pictures

Modeling my new sunglasses

Playing in my walker - Being mobile is fun!

I am a messy eater!

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  1. Thanks for the update, Lilah! I love all the pictures too! You are way too cute!