Thursday, August 5, 2010

Just call me Little Lilah...

Today was my 9 month checkup with Dr. Irwin.  Once again I got a clean bill of health.  I also got a TB test, one shot, and a prick on my big toe so they could test my iron levels.  Here are my stats from this visit:
Weight: 16.9 lbs  - 13%
Height:  27.5 in  - 47%
Head Circumference: 44.5 cm  - 65%

As you can see I am maintaining my dainty stature.  But that doesn't mean that I am not active.  I am crawling all over the place,  testing my limits and mom's patience, everyday.  I am pulling myself up to standing on anything and everything, and can even stand up all by myself in the middle of the room.  I am currently surfing the furniture and will stay on my feet to get from the ottoman to the couch and back.  Mommy thinks it won't be long before I am walking, and I can't wait.  A current picture of me:

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