Tuesday, August 31, 2010

10 Months

Today is my 10-month birthday.  I think that this is not very exciting but Mommy seemed to think this was important so I thought I would write a blog about what life with me is like lately.  The big important things in my life right now are eating, moving, talking, sleeping and teeth. 

Eating:  This is my favorite part of the day so it should come first.  I am still drinking out of my bottle but it is more of a snack now, oh and a big bottle right before bed that helps me sleep (sometimes, stay tuned).  Mommy and Daddy feed me 3 meals a day now.  For breakfast I have oatmeal or rice cereal sweetened with fruit puree and then some finger foods (usually fruit like banana, blueberry, or peach).  Then for lunch I have yummy vegetable puree with some finger foods after.  Finally for dinner I usually get a puree of beans or meat and vegetable puree with some more finger foods.  For finger foods I am eating all kinds of things now.  Some of my favorites are avocado and zucchini, but I also like corn, peas, potatoes, noodles, carrots, tomato, and an assortment of crackers.  Mommy and Daddy have been working really hard at making me fresh veggie (and sometimes with chicken) purees but I just don't like them as well.  They have a lot more flavor and different consistency than the jars of baby food.  Sometimes I think I make Mommy feel bad when I don't want to eat the things she has made for me.  But if she mixes them with something simple like carrots or green beans they taste much better and I will eat them.

Moving:  Part of the reason I eat so much is because I am on the go.  I am a very fast crawler (I even have a trophy to prove it).  I am pulling myself up onto everything and I have even discovered that if I am in the right position, I can stand up right from a squat without holding on to anything.  I have two big advancements that happened over the last week.  First I discovered that if I stand up behind my doll stroller I can use it to take some steps.  Sometimes it goes fast and I have to hold on for dear life and make my feet move quickly to keep up with it.  But I can usually go for 5 to 10 steps before I have to let go and sit down.  The other thing that happened is that I was standing at the ottoman and decided I wanted to get to the couch.  I thought it was closer than it was so I let go and leaned for the couch.  As I started to fall I had to take a big step to catch myself, but I made it to the couch without falling.   Daddy was excited and told me that I was walking.  Mommy covered her face in her hands and shook her head.  But I haven't wanted to try that again so I don't think they need to worry about me walking just yet (give it a few more weeks!).

Talking:  Boy oh boy, can talking be fun.  Mommy says that I take after my Grandma Ya Ya!  I love to babble and coo and imitate Mommy.  Right now I still only make the "ma ma ma" when I am crying, but the "da da da" sounds are easy and fun to say all the time.  I have even started saying "Da...DEEEE"  and Daddy sure does love it when I say that.  He gives me big hugs.  I also have my first word down - "DAW!"  every time I see a dog (and most of the time I see any furry animal).  Mommy has been working with me to say the 'g' sound at the end but it is hard for me.  A couple of times I have said "DAW!....gu"  I also really like my 'e' and 'b' sounds and a few times have even tried to get an 'l' sound out.  I love mimicking Mommy and my favorite is when she says "uh-oh"  I say "uh........uh"

Sleeping:  This is the sore subject right now.  I think that I was traveling too much because I am slipping further and further out of my good sleeping routine I used to have.  Between the traveling, teething, being sick, and who knows what I am no longer sleeping through the night.  In fact nighttime is feeling more like a series of naps in a row.  Mommy is tired all the time and grumpy and that makes Daddy grumpy.  First, I don't really like my crib right now.  Unless they lay me down when I am completely asleep,  I will cry to be picked up again.  And even if I am completely asleep on their shoulders, sometimes when my head hits the bed it wakes me up and I won't go back to sleep until they pick me up again.  This is a typical night: I am going to sleep fairly easily around 7:30-8 PM and sleeping for an hour.  Then I usually wake up and cry until somebody comes to cuddle with me.  Then I will go back to sleep and sleep until somewhere between 12-2 AM.  When I wake up then it usually makes me realize I am hungry.  So I have a bottle and fall asleep on Mommy or Daddy.  But I have a hard time being put back into my bed.  So they are usually up with me for an hour during this time just trying to get me to sleep in my crib.  I will sleep for 2 or 3 more hours and then am up around 3-4 AM.  Usually the other parents comes to rescue me for this break in sleep.  Sometimes I am hungry, sometimes not, but usually it takes a few times of putting me into my crib for me to fall asleep again.  Then I finish off the night sleeping until anywhere between 6-8 AM.  This schedule has put Mommy into a bad mood.   But I just don't know how to make them understand what is bothering me and what they can do.  Mommy thinks I need to figure out how to comfort myself and has spent a couple of nights not picking me up but just laying me down and rubbing my back.  This usually results in 3 or 4 hours of me crying and still not going to sleep.  She keeps trying to give me blankets, dolls and other things,  but I just think those are fun to play with and am not sure why they would help me go to sleep.  Hopefully I get a good night's sleep soon because we could all use it!

Teeth:  A quick update on my teeth and then I am done.   I have had the bottom teeth for quite sometime now and then my top gums started bothering when I was on the trip to Visalia and Modesto at the end of July.  I got sick between trips and then on the trip to Graeagle, one of the top teeth finally broke through.  The rest of the trip I was cranky because that tooth was pushing through and making the others next to it sore too.  Now it has been over a week since we have been home and the second front tooth still has yet to break through.  I can feel it just sitting there on the other side of the gums like it is afraid to come out.   Now in the meantime a third front tooth has started bothering me.  I am looking forward to having the teeth because I sure do like to chew my food, but they are a pain to get out.

Here are pictures of me today on my 10-month-birthday (notice me barely hanging on with the closest thing I could find in my mouth - typical me!).  Hope you enjoyed this little update.

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