Sunday, August 8, 2010

Getting out of the heat!

July, and the brunt of summer in Arizona, hit and I have never been so bored.  Except for Stroller Strides, Mommy and I are stuck in the house.  We tried going out a couple of times, but even if it was before noon, the car would be so hot from sitting in parking lots that we were drenched by the time we got home.  So Mommy called Grandma Miaja and asked her if she would come rescue us.  On Friday, July 23rd Grandma Miaja left early to head to Phoenix.  Although she had rough patch in the trip with a flat tire, she made it to our house safe and sound.  I have been so unsure about strangers lately that I was a little hesitant to go to to her right at first, but it didn't take me too long to remember how much fun it is when she comes. 

Grandma Miaja and I playing

On Sunday morning, as soon as I had breakfast, Grandma and Mommy loaded me up in the car and we were off.  I couldn't see anything out the windows when I was in Grandma's car so I threw a bit of a fit as we left and after the first stop, but I cried myself to sleep both times.  We stopped the third time for lunch, I ate a big meal, and then fell asleep as soon as we got in the car.  But after the third stop I was tired of being in the car.  Mommy tried to bribe me with toys, cereal, and crackers, but they would only appease me for a few minutes before I would start screaming again.  Luckily for Mommy and Grandma, it was only for the last 45 min of the drive.  They said that it only took 9.5 hours, but I thought it took way way too long.   I can only sleep in that car seat for so long!

When we arrived I was swarmed.  Papa Kelly, Aunt Danielle and Rylee, Papa Delbert and Grandma Jeri, Aunt Michelle and Peyton all came to say hello.  I decided right then that it would just be safer to stick close to Mommy.  The next few days were all very similar but great.  I spent the days going for walks with Mommy and playing with my cousins Peyton and Rylee.  Then Grandma Miaja would get home from work and we would have big family dinners with everybody.  Then I would take my bath and sometimes we would go out for a walk after bath with Peyton.  It was so nice to get outside in the cooler weather!  Here are some pictures from my time in Visalia. 

My beautiful cousin Peyton

Me having fun with all the "new" toys

Peyton and I played a lot!

Rylee, Peyton and I (notice Peyton and I are the same height)

Grandma Jeri helping me eat lunch
Rylee reading to me

The cousins 

My mood during the photoshoot and Auntie Danielle trying to comfort me

Grandma and Auntie saying goodbye on the morning we left

On Thursday Grandma Jeri loaded all our stuff and us into her car and we left Visalia.  After a quick stop to have lunch and go meet all of Grandma Miaja's coworkers, we headed to Modesto.

When we got to Modesto we went to Grandpa Browder's house.  It was much quieter at his house but I still wasn't sure that I wanted to be with anybody else but Mommy.  Mommy and I took some more big walks and had fun reading books and playing on the floor.  But I had a couple of cranky days while visiting Grandpa.  My gums hurt and Mommy thinks I am about to get my top teeth soon.  Gram came on Saturday and I was glad to see her.  The excitement of the next couple of days was going over to Grandpa's neighbor's house and play with their dogs.  Grandpa brought the dogs to his house one day and I loved to talk to them through the glass door.  On the last day we were there I even let Grandpa hold me for a few minutes.

Taking a stroll around the backyard
Rosie and I 

Gram and I reading one night before bed

Grandpa Browder reading to me

The grass sure was different in California

Sunday was an exciting day.  Mommy's friends came to visit her.  She got to spend time visiting with Hilary and her baby Tegan, and Crystal and Travis.  I enjoyed meeting Tegan and think we will be good friends.  I liked to give him "love taps" and use his head to help me stand up.  We were the best of buddies.   Here is a picture of Tegan.

And of course, this blog wouldn't be complete without a picture of me making a funny face.

I enjoyed my time in California, but I missed Daddy a lot.  After a quick and uneventful flight home, Daddy was there to meet us at the airport and we were back in the heat.  Oh well, Mommy tells me we have another trip in a week.  I can't wait to see where they are taking me now...

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