Friday, September 10, 2010

My Last First

As someone astutely pointed out to me recently this Labor Day was my official last first Holiday.  I have now experienced all the holidays in a year and now I am excited to experience them all again and again and again.   So what did I do on my big Labor Day weekend, you might ask?  I had a great weekend with Mommy and Daddy at home and a special trip out to the Children's Museum. 

Saturday and Sunday were spent at home playing with Daddy.  We went on bike rides together in the morning while Mommy slept in.  I also got to spend some time swimming with Daddy.

Then on Monday, Mommy went to Stroller Strides while I took my nap (Daddy dropped me off after I woke up so that I could play with all the kids after the class was over).  After lunch they loaded me up in the car and took me to the Phoenix Children's Museum.  It was a pretty cool place but a bit overwhelming for me.  There was so much to look at and so many other kids that I had trouble taking it all in.  I am sure the more we go and the older I get the more I will enjoy it.  But there were a couple of rooms that are set aside for kids my age.  Here are the highlights from the day.

Here I am just trying to take it all in

 I had fun playing in the fort building room

Daddy took me through the noodle forest

I enjoyed playing with puzzles

 I loved playing with my friend in the mirror

This was a cool race car toy

I enjoyed playing with this toy in the science room.  Daddy showed me that if you drop the ball up high it rolls back down.

Mommy pressed the button to hear the kitten meow and it scared me a little

Look at me - walking while only holding one hand!

Mommy was playing in the mirror with me

Daddy took me out over the top of the three story very cool kids climbing area.  It was fun and I wasn't scared at all.

Overall it was a very nice last first holiday.  Next up my -  birthday and Halloween.  And this year I will actually get to celebrate!

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