Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mom and Dad have a night out

I have not been good about blogging lately but I had to share that I have had my first night at home without Mommy and Daddy.  Of course Grandma Miaja and Papa Kelly were here to take good care of me and I wasn't home alone.  For Mommy and Daddy it was a 5th anniversary present to be able to go out to dinner, a movie, and stay at a hotel without me.  And for Grandma Miaja it was a Mother's Day present to be able to spend the whole night taking care of me. For me it was just another night of playing in the pool, eating dinner, taking a bath, and sleeping.  I hardly noticed that Mommy and Daddy were gone because Grandma took such good care of me.  Mommy told me after they got home that she and Daddy stayed out until 10 PM!  That is way past their bed time these days!  Here are some pictures from my weekend.

Playing in the pool

A Mother's Day Snuggle with Grandma Miaja

 Mommy was tired after a night out so we napped together

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