Tuesday, March 9, 2010

4 Month Check-up

It is time already for my 4 month checkup.  Time is flying by.  Once again I got a clean bill of health from Dr. Irwin.  He thinks that I am right on track with my growth.  When the nurse came to give me my shots I decided I needed her to stop and let her know!  The nurse asked if I always have such a temper.  Both Mommy and Daddy said "Yes!" at the same time and then laughed!  It is my grand plan.  It will be hard for them to say no when I can yell like that.  My stats from today's appointment:
     Weight: 12 lbs 13oz (26%)
     Height: 26 inches (95%)
     Head Circumference: 41 inches (46%)

Mommy and Daddy have been noticing some new milestones I have reached within the last week.  I am becoming wary of strangers.  I am able to recognize Mommy and Daddy but if anybody else talks to me while we are out and about I no longer smile at them and just study them carefully to see if I recognize them.  In addition to talking, I have laughed a few times.  It is still few and far between because every time the sound comes out of me, I stop immediately and feel confused as to what that noise was.  I love to lay on my blanket on the floor and rock back and forth and scoot around on my back.  I still haven't rolled over but I am getting closer everyday.  I have also discovered some new toys that are always there to play with - my feet.  I make it hard to change my diaper because I don't want to let go of my toes.  Here is a picture of me after my bath last night.

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