Sunday, October 10, 2010

11 Months (and a half) and counting...

Wow, I am almost one year old!  This year has been a roller coaster and October so far has been no exception.  But I am loving life, happy, and playful.  There is not much else an 11 month old can ask for.

So the big news -  I am walking.  Sort of.  I am taking steps on my own, therefore I walk!  However, I am such a terrific crawler that I don't really see the advantage yet of walking.  I feel very unstable and it takes me a long time to move each leg.  If I think about it, it goes even worse.  But at my best I have taken about 10 steps all on my own (usually when I have a toy in both hands and can't put them down to crawl).  Here is a video that was taken on September 25th - the day I took my first steps all by myself.  Mommy and Daddy sat down with me and I would take steps between them.  They were very proud of me!

And this is three weeks later and the extent of my walking.  Notice how fast I am when I get to my knees.  It is no wonder I like to crawl better.

The last week of September Mommy had finally had enough with my getting to sleep process.  She would get angry when I refused to nap.  I was usually exhausted, but I can't let her win, right?  So I would fight and fight.  And eventually I wouldn't have to nap!  Great arrangement I thought.   But Mommy started putting me in my crib, AWAKE, and let me just sit in there and cry until I fell asleep.  What the heck!  The first couple of naps I cried for over an hour.  Nightime took much less time because after crying all day I was exhausted. Over the next couple of days it slowly sunk in that I can cry but I might as well lay down to do it.  So now when she leaves me in there, I cry to let her know I am mad, but then fall asleep in 5 to 10 minutes.  To top it all off, she decided that I was no longer going to get bottles in the middle of night.  Man she had it in for me.  So now she makes sure I have enough during the day and I have been sleeping much better at night.  I am now napping around 8 AM for 30 minutes to an hour and around noon for an hour to two hours.  I am going down between 6:30 and 7 for bed and sleeping until 5:30 to 6.  I am feeling much better now that we have a schedule.  When I am up I am happy and playful.  And I only cry if I am hungry or it is time for bed (unless I am sick, which I was this week, but you DON'T want to hear about that!).   Mommy thinks this is the best thing that has happened to our relationship in a long time.

Cranky is a rarity these days - unless warranted of course.

I thought I could escape, but they caught me. 

I thought I better share some recent pictures because I know that is what you all want to see anyway.   Mommy bought me my first bike helmet but it doesn't quite fit yet.  Man, kids can't have any fun anymore.  Here is the trial run we had in my helmet the other morning...

The helmet is for the bike trailer, but Daddy takes me out anyway.  I like to sit back and hang out as we cruise along.  Yesterday Mommy came with us and we got to stop at the park and play for a while!  I loved the slide and wanted to go again and again!

Yeah, I am cool like that

I am too little to crawl through there Mommy!
Walking up stairs is even harder
Tic Tac Toe - I win
At first I was scared...
Then I thought it was fun
A little less scared this time
What is up with my hair!
Trying to get back up so I could go down legs were moving, I just wasn't

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