Saturday, February 20, 2010

My Third Month

It has been awhile since I have posted on my activities so I thought it was about time for a little update.  Since the big California trip it has been relatively quiet around here.  Mommy and I are settling into a routine and with a few exceptions I only make it out of the house for quick shopping trips or walks to the park.

Right at three months I decided it was time to start sleeping through the night.  The first couple of times I went down at 9 PM and slept through the night, Mommy and Daddy thought it was a fluke and maybe I wasn't feeling good because I was sleeping so much.  But I had decided that should be my new bed time.  I know that Mommy wasn't sleeping the whole night with me because I would hear her a couple times a night trying to sneak into my room to check on me.  But as I have remained consistently falling asleep between 9 and 10 PM and waking up between 7 and 8:30 AM , she has been sleeping much better (and all by herself!).  She also seems a little more active during the day so I think the extra sleep is helping her as much as it helps me.  Every morning I wake up with a big smile on my face and happy to greet the day.

Good Morning!

I am officially out of all my 0-3 month clothes.   It was sad to see some of my cute outfits get tucked away already but it is exciting to see what new thing Mommy gets to dress me in everyday.  Mommy took me shopping the other day and we got a lot of new things for summer.  I can't wait to wear them all.

I have been eating to match my new sleeping schedule.  I am down to eating 5 times a day, usually 4-5 oz at a time.  Mommy is still trying to breastfeed me but she just doesn't make enough milk so I am getting more and more unsatisfied with eating from her.  Pretty soon I will probably be a formula only baby.  It seems to make Mommy sad when I refuse to even try to take milk from her, but I know she is happy that she will make it to at least 4 months of breastfeeding.

Last weekend was a three day weekend.  I noticed because Daddy got to stay home an extra day and we had lots of fun together.  On Valentine's Day Mommy, Daddy, the dogs and I all went for a long walk.  I slept most of the way in my stroller, but it was a hot sunny day and I got sweaty.  We discovered a little park that I will be able to play at when I get bigger.  When we got home Daddy had me play in my new big girl toy while Mommy took a nap.  It was her favorite Valentine's Day gift!  

This is me in my Valentine's Day onesie - I think I look pretty cute!

On President's Day it was Daddy's day to nap after he had a busy day outside in the yard.  Mommy made one little comment that the bush/tree next to the front door was overgrown and then next thing she knew it was gone.  Now she has some landscape planning to do in the front!  This is me and Daddy both asleep while the Olympics were playing in the background.  


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