Sunday, January 3, 2010

Could it be my fault?

Over the past week I have started to realize how my sleep schedule might be affecting Mommy and Daddy. 

On Tuesday of last week Mommy went to the grocery store and left me with Daddy.  We were in the middle of playing with our new Wii Fit game and I was watching Daddy doing all kinds of crazy things when Mommy called.  She was at the store checkout line and didn't have her wallet with her.  Now I know her basket was completely full because she had been gone for an hour already and that means she had been through the whole store a couple of times loading up on food for the week.  So Daddy found her wallet and loaded me up in the car and we went a rescued Mommy.  

Yesterday Daddy was really busy in the morning.  He was getting ready to take a load to the dump and get the yard cleaned up.  The dump closed at 1 so he had to work hard in the morning to make it on time.  He finally got loaded up and left about 11:30.  Mommy and I stayed home and ate lunch.  About ten minutes to 1 the phone rang.  All I heard was Mommy saying "Oh you are kidding me!"  It turns out that Daddy locked himself out of the truck in the middle of the dump and the gates were going to be closed and locked in 10 minutes.  It takes at least 30 minutes to get to the dump.  So Mommy got Daddy the phone number to the front gate so he could call them and tell them he was still there.  Then she loaded me up and we took at drive.  There was a nice man waiting for us at the front gate to take the key up to Daddy and rescue him.

Now to all you Mommies and Daddies out there - is this something that happens based on the current sleep schedule or are Mommy and Daddy doomed to not having their wits about them now that they are parents?  Hmmm I hope it is the first one.  Next thing you know they will be forgetting me some place!

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  1. I think it takes time to adjust to having you around Lilah. They will get used to not having a lot of sleep and I am sure they will never forget you anywhere. :)