Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My First Thanksgiving

Last week was full of family and fun.  Daddy explained to me that the week was all about being thankful for things.  So I decided to list the things that I have been thankful for this past month: 
  • Cuddling in bed with Daddy, it's my favorite place to sleep.
  • My big warm pink blanket that keeps me warm at night.
  • My swing that rocks me to sleep after a large meal.
  • Warm baths that calm me down and get me ready for bed.
  • Mommy's milk (which tasted like turkey for several days in a row).
  • All the family that held me last week.  I hardly ever had to be laid down.
On Thursday Mom and Dad bundled me up and we took a drive to Mesa.  That was the longest car ride I have been on so far.  Luckily I don't really remember it because I slept the whole way.  When we got there I got to spend lots of time with Marilyn and Kiana who loved to hold me while Mommy and Daddy visited with Uncle Bunie and Neal.  We had a great time there and were very happy we were able to spend time with Mommy's family. 

Then on Friday I knew something was happening because Mommy made Daddy clean the house.  I took a nap on Daddy's chest while he vacuumed.  Then Daddy's whole family arrived for the weekend.  I had already met Grandma Miaja, Grandma Jeri and Papa Delbert.  But now I got to meet Papa Kelly, Aunt Michelle, Aunt Danielle, Uncle Kane, and Cousin Rylee.  They swept in and held me and kissed me and loved me all weekend.  I got a little spoiled and had a hard time sleeping in my bed at night.  I liked being held so much.   The family all sat down for a big Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday.  Then on Sunday they got me all dressed up in a Christmas dress and had me take lots of pictures with Cousin Rylee.  We looked beautiful.  Afterwards the whole family worked on getting the Christmas lights up on the house.  It was a beautiful sunny day. 


  1. Lilah,

    LOVE the Christmas pics! I love your dress and headband! We will have to stroll over some evening to see the lights. :)

    See you soon!

  2. Dear Lilah Jane -
    I am so happy to see that you are thriving!! I have to tell you though that you have given me a really bad case of baby fever! :-). I hope that when I am able to have babies that they will be as sweet and adorable as you! You are such a beautiful baby and already look alot like your Mama :-) How have the puppy dogs (Calvin & Conner) felt about you moving in? I bet it has been alittle bit tough for them; especially Connor, I imagine, because he is such a mama's boy. ;-). I know that when they get used to you they are going to love you so much and probably be very protective of you! Well, I can't wait to meet you some day! Hopefully it won't be too long before I do . . . until then, tell Mommy & Daddy to keep the pictures coming as much as is humanly possible on 4 hours of sleep per week!!
    Your friend,