Sunday, November 7, 2010

My Birthday

My Birthday week started off with a bang.  I guess I should go all the way back to the Sunday before.  In addition to all the decorations that went up, Mommy and Daddy also prepared the back yard for company  by planting flowers.  Yes, it is the end of October and, yes, in Arizona it is a good time to plant.  The only thing that survived the summer was the basil plant.  So instead of having a big empty bed they decided to fill it with flowers, a cilantro plant, a tomato plant, and some lettuce.  I had fun just being outside and helping.

 The other big event that happened was Daddy installed my big girl car seat.  While I am still small enough to fit in the one I had, they decided that it was time to get me into my bigger seat.   This one is very nice and comfortable, but it has me worried a little.  Mommy bought one that will hold me until I am 70 pounds and at the rate I am growing, I might be going to school in this car seat!  Here I am getting into my seat for my first trip to the store.

On Monday morning, Mommy came home from her early morning workout to find me and Daddy relaxing together.  I think she was a little jealous because I never hang out with her like this.  But with Daddy I don't mind at all.

Little did I know that this time was precious because Daddy left us until Thursday for a business trip.  Mommy must have wanted to make sure that we weren't bored because everyday after Stroller Strides, nap, and lunch we would head out to shop.  She mostly got stuff that was Halloween themed for the party, but I think it was a good excuse to wear us both out so I would go down quickly at night.   But with my awesome sleeping schedule and the quick days, this was the best Mommy and I have ever done without Daddy.   Before we knew it Daddy was home again and I was a happy girl.  

Friday came with a special Stroller Strides day.  After a fun Halloween themed class, all the kids got dressed in their costumes and we had a mini parade and potluck.  I could have cared less about wearing my costume, I was just having fun walking all around and picking up things off the ground.  I kept Mommy busy and she didn't even get a chance to really eat.

On Friday night, Mommy and Daddy decided to carve their pumpkins.  I wasn't too sure about helping when Mommy wanted me to.  She figured that I like to take things "out" that I would want to take out the slimy stuff from the pumpkin.  But she has been working with me so well on putting things back in that I tried to help by putting it back in the pumpkin when she would scoop it out.  Either way it was kinda fun to play with and I really liked the seeds and kept trying to eat them.

Saturday came with Mommy on the warpath.  I think she was just using the party as a good excuse to get the house clean.  She had lists for her and orders for Daddy.  But it all worked out for me, because I think they tried to get rid of me as much as possible.  While Daddy took me for a long trip to the park with the dogs Mommy scrubbed the kitchen.  Then after nap, Mommy took me to the store while Daddy worked on some cleaning and yard work.  They were up late that night because I heard them in the kitchen banging around making my birthday cupcakes and cake.   

Finally Sunday came.  Happy Birthday to me, Happy Halloween to everybody else.   Mommy and Daddy hugged me a lot and called me a big girl and even sang Happy Birthday to me at 8:17 (the time I was born).  We had breakfast, a big girl breakfast of french toast, and then play time and nap time.  After nap they got me dressed in my birthday outfit and called Grandma Miaja on the computer.  Rylee was there and Papa Kelly would sit down every once and awhile to say hi.  They sat me in the middle of all my gifts from the family and Daddy helped me open them.  I had a lot of fun just playing in all the paper.

Afterwards Daddy took me and the dogs out to the park again after he had changed me out of my birthday outfit.  I got to ride in the backpack and loved it.  I was talking to everybody and everything we passed. 

While we were gone, Mommy worked on decorating the cake and cupcakes for the party. 

With so much excitement already I was ready for my afternoon nap and slept well.  Then Daddy got me dressed in my birthday outfit again.  And Mommy did my hair with some special bows.  Before the party guests arrived Mommy, Daddy and I took our pictures in the photo area they had set up.

The house looked great and all decorated as the guests started to arrive.

It was a fun group.  There was the group of friends that I have know since I was born- Lance, Bev, Tracy, Savannah and Zane.  Then there was some Stroller Strides friends- Andrea and Jake and Megan and Madeleine.  Then some friends we met through Daddy's work- John, Sue and Matthew and Rebecca, Amanda and baby Sidney.  All the kids were in costume and some of the adults too.  We all had a great time visiting and playing in the back yard.  I spent a lot of time playing in a pot of dirt and in the back corner in the rocks.  But everybody was impressed with how well I was walking and I soaked up every minute of it!  


Zane, Savannah and Matthew


Megan and Madeleine

Amanda, Sidney, and Rebecca

Before I knew it Mommy was swooping me up and putting me in my high chair.  I wasn't quite sure what to expect because I had already had lunch. 

They brought out my cake with the candle lit and Mommy helped me blow it out while everybody sang.  Mommy helped me take my first bite.  I wasn't quite sure what to think.  I took a few small bites, gave the cake a few good smacks, and then about 5 minutes later tried to dump the whole thing onto the ground.  Here are some pictures followed by the videos. 



After cake it was time for more presents.  I wasn't too interested in the presents but would wander in to check out what was going on and then wander outside again.  I really just wanted everybody to come outside with me.  My favorite present were two of my gift bags which I carry around like purses.  But I got books, a quilt, and some fun toys and stuffed animals.

After presents were over, I was getting a little tired.  I got a sticker in my hand and it made me mad.  I started crying and then next thing I knew we had the house to ourselves again.  I know how to clear a room! It was a wonderful party and I was definitely the star.  Thanks to all my friends who came to celebrate with me.   But I was one tired girl.  And so were Mommy and Daddy.

The next morning we had my 1 year doctor's appointment.  I got a clean bill of health and impressed the doctor with my walking abilities.  But I am still small girl, truly Mommy's Little Pumpkin. 

Weight: 18 lbs 4 oz  (10%)
Height: 29 inches (48%)
Head Circumference: 45.5 cm (64%)

With all the goings on and activity it is not too surprising that I ended this week with a nasty cold.  I had a terrible fever and was all stuffed up in the middle of the night on Thursday night and am still recovering.  Now Mommy is sick and Daddy is trying not be sick.  But I am not going to let a little cold ruin my wonderful birthday week.  It was a great 1st birthday and I can't wait until next year.  

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